Thank You

I am delighted and honoured to be the next Kitchener City Councillor for Ward 4
Thank you to the team of volunteers for your hard work during the past number of months, to my fantastic family – Stuart Michaud and Cassandra Jetter for helping to reach every door any day I needed you, Barb Pinder for covering so much ground (if you were wearing a Fitbit you might have even outdone Councillor Dave Schnider!). A special thanks to Dave Dunford for the creative design of my signs and handouts, Brian Banks for web management and design and Logan Macinnis for managing social media. Maxine and Stewart Lyndsay for extraordinary support, and last but not least, my mom Anne MacDougall -for all your support and for raising me to be the person who works hard and never gives up.

Congratulations to Wes Hill, Julie Geary, Florence Carbray and Sasha Sindhu for putting your name forward in support of our community!

To the people of Ward 4, thank you for your support and I look forward to representing and working with you for a vibrant, healthy community in which to live.

My pledge to you

My pledge to you

Kitchener has that unique supportive and inclusive quality not found in many cities its size.
I am passionate about all this city has to offer. Your concerns about your community matter and I want to be your voice on City Council.Your tax dollars count, and I will work to ensure our roads, infrastructure, parks, and trails are looked after. I will support investments geared towards more economic growth, a better quality of life and improved levels of services for you.
A healthy community starts with healthy neighbourhoods. I am passionate about great neigbourhoods where people feel safe, have a sense of belonging and are connected,
Having grown up in the region I have witnessed tremendous growth, and at times, at an enormous cost – not just financially but preserving or history as well.I am a strong supporter of the countryside line and protecting our heritage.
I am pleased that the city and the region have recognized the innovative planning tool that has literally reversed the percentage of building growth in our outlying areas. About a decade ago, over 50 percent of growth was happening on the borders of our cities. Today, thanks to the innovative planning tool -Hold The Line- we are on the right path to continue to welcome newcomers to our region while protecting over one-half-billion-dollar agricultural sector that surrounds this region.
I also want us to be a vibrant city with excellent facilities, events, festivals and celebrations, and top-notch educations institutions. I believe we are accomplishing this.
I’m open to change, new ideas and suggestions. Elect Christine Michaud to represent you on City council, and I will listen, learn, reach a consensus, work together and collaborate for the best possible outcome.

On October 22nd please VOTE. It is a privilege denied to many.

A little about me

I want you to be confident in your choice when you go to the Polls on Oct 22.2018. Over the next number of weeks, I will be posting my platform for candidacy and sharing ideas and concerns I have gathered from the community. Please feel free to contact me any time. Your concerns matter. Your ideas matter. Your voice matters. You matter.

A little about me personally includes 

  • Pioneer Park resident for the past 23 years 
  • 57 years young
  • Proud mom to one son
  • Life-long resident of Kitchener
  • Grew up in the East Ward on Fairmount Road
  • Three sisters, one brother, great in-laws and an amazing 90-year old mom.
  • Attended Sheppard Public School, Sunnyside Senior School, Eastwood Collegiate and Conestoga College (Journalism)

Working in the community 

  • Former Features Editor at The Record – 26 years (Editor for MOST magazine)
  • Former Community Relations Manager for the Downtown Kitchener BIA – LRT liaison with GrandLinq, The Region and Downtown Businesses

Volunteer and Leadership in the community 

  • Food4Kids Waterloo Wellington
  • Centre in The Square Board and formerly involved with
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • City of Kitchener, Downtown Action Advisory Committee
  • 20,000 Homes Canada Campaign
  • Toasty Toes
  • Junior Achievement
  • KW Oktoberfest
  • Big Brothers and Sisters

Exercise your right to vote!

Monday October 22, 2018 is a significant day for every Canadian in Waterloo Region 18 years and older. This is the day your voice will matter the most to what is important to you as a Kitchener citizen. In the coming weeks leading up to this day, you will have the opportunity to listen to candidates, share your ideas and concerns and eventually decide who will be your voice on City Council.

Municipal elections have the largest impact on our community. This is the level of politics that matters the most when it comes to infrastructure, community vitality, education, environment, leisure, culture and living standards. It all starts when you decide to exercise your right to vote.

To be sure you are registered click on this link