My pledge to you

Kitchener has that unique supportive and inclusive quality not found in many cities its size.
I am passionate about all this city has to offer. Your concerns about your community matter and I want to be your voice on City Council.Your tax dollars count, and I will work to ensure our roads, infrastructure, parks, and trails are looked after. I will support investments geared towards more economic growth, a better quality of life and improved levels of services for you.
A healthy community starts with healthy neighbourhoods. I am passionate about great neigbourhoods where people feel safe, have a sense of belonging and are connected,
Having grown up in the region I have witnessed tremendous growth, and at times, at an enormous cost – not just financially but preserving or history as well.I am a strong supporter of the countryside line and protecting our heritage.
I am pleased that the city and the region have recognized the innovative planning tool that has literally reversed the percentage of building growth in our outlying areas. About a decade ago, over 50 percent of growth was happening on the borders of our cities. Today, thanks to the innovative planning tool -Hold The Line- we are on the right path to continue to welcome newcomers to our region while protecting over one-half-billion-dollar agricultural sector that surrounds this region.
I also want us to be a vibrant city with excellent facilities, events, festivals and celebrations, and top-notch educations institutions. I believe we are accomplishing this.
I’m open to change, new ideas and suggestions. Elect Christine Michaud to represent you on City council, and I will listen, learn, reach a consensus, work together and collaborate for the best possible outcome.

On October 22nd please VOTE. It is a privilege denied to many.