I am delighted and honoured to be the next Kitchener City Councillor for Ward 4
Thank you to the team of volunteers for your hard work during the past number of months, to my fantastic family – Stuart Michaud and Cassandra Jetter for helping to reach every door any day I needed you, Barb Pinder for covering so much ground (if you were wearing a Fitbit you might have even outdone Councillor Dave Schnider!). A special thanks to Dave Dunford for the creative design of my signs and handouts, Brian Banks for web management and design and Logan Macinnis for managing social media. Maxine and Stewart Lyndsay for extraordinary support, and last but not least, my mom Anne MacDougall -for all your support and for raising me to be the person who works hard and never gives up.

Congratulations to Wes Hill, Julie Geary, Florence Carbray and Sasha Sindhu for putting your name forward in support of our community!

To the people of Ward 4, thank you for your support and I look forward to representing and working with you for a vibrant, healthy community in which to live.